About the project

The project aims to spread experiences gained during AVARES project and will integrate new technologies and learning methodologies in the 3D World including social media and gamification approaches. Focus in this project will be transferred from plain content delivery to planning self-learning activities. Pedagogical approaches will be used towards this direction exploring new directions of non-formal learning. The course will combine virtual reality, multimedia, web 2.0 and gamification techniques. The main idea is to present as less text as possible and instead covering the material with various learning activities offered in the Virtual World that are more attractive and entertaining for young people.

Furthermore virtual reality and 3D worlds can provide the means to represent objects and ideas in more expressive and comprehensible ways by offering 3D models of real items and simulating real scenarios in the world. Learning material, consists of Text based Presentations, Multimedia and 3D objects, hosted in a 3D Virtual World. This approach will make the course more attractive for young people and also offer additional functionalities such as online virtual meetings, conferences or collaborative learning activities for supporting the learning process. A main innovative aspect of the project is its overall approach to offer immersive learning and educational procedures with the utilization of Virtual Reality (VR). Specifically, the project aims to develop a virtual reality educational environment, based on 3D Virtual World (VW) technology, create innovative VR learning methodologies and integrate them with traditional learning for more attractive and effective learning of entrepreneurship courses and aspects. The project targets to cover the courses with various learning activities offered in the 3D VW that are more attractive, engaging and entertaining for young people and also make learning more effective.

Therefore, an innovative aspect of the project concerns the 3D virtual reality educational environment that will be developed, which will provide the means to study subjects of youth entrepreneurship and courses in a more expressive, entertaining, immersive and comprehensive way. In addition, an important part of the project will be the implementation of web 2.0 techniques in the virtual world and the  application of Gamification learning approaches and scenarios. This way students of the course will spend equal time for i) exploring and studying the learning material, and ii) participating in (self and team) learning activities. The combination of these techniques and approaches is expected to keep the student engaged and motivated while studying in the Virtual World and also offer a more personalized learning experience.

The ENTREREALITY project is of great attractiveness causerie of its topic and implementation and addresses to institutions and stakeholders involved in decision-making and legislative process of any form of education, too. Moreover, stimulates and encourage young people to create start-ups, which are innovation in a process of development, validation and research for target markets.


Start date: 01-11-2021

End date: 30-11-2023

Duration: 24 months


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