• PR1 - Innovative Social Entepreneurship Curriculum and Training Material. The aim of this output is to design a curriculum for Entrepreneurship Training based on a need analysis that will be performed. A detailed description of the e-courses will be prepared, including the contents outline and the suitable learning delivery methods for the courses. An important part of this Output will be determining in detail the Learning Scenarios that will take place in the Virtual World. These scenarios will cover general learning functionality of the 3D world, as well as specific interactive 3D activities associated with each learning concept that is going to be taught. All media resources and 3D objects will be thoroughly described with texts, images and illustrations.


  • PR2 - An Innovative educational environment based on Virtual and Augmented Reality technologies. The Innovative educational environment (3D World) based on Virtual (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) technologies is the main output of this project, hosting all the Social Entrepreneurship learning material developed, as well as the learning scenarios. The platform will be freely available for young people to visit and use for self learning purposes. Piloting is necessary in order to ensure the quality of the 3D World, the developed learning material and scenarios as well as to identify future directions for the partnership to extend the ideas developed.


  • PR3 - Open Digital Learning Resources. This output concerns the implementation and delivery of a variety of Learning material (text, presentations, multimedia, 3D objects) for Social Entrepreneurship e-courses in a user friendly way, using new technologies and adapted to all devices (PCs, laptops, tablets, mobiles). The Content Repository is a web platform, with free access and will host all learning material in an organized manner and will be available in English, Romanian, Greek, Italian and Slovak. The platform will also offer the possibility to communicate with other students, teacher, trainers and interested parties. The Open Digital Learning Resources can be accessed here.


  • PR4 - European best practices in digital innovation and entrepreneurial education. This output will provide an overview of youth entrepreneurship (i.e. lessons learned, best practices, successful stories to tackle challenges of youth unemployment) in the context of the European policy agenda and individual Member States.






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